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Found on the way

a sermon on Luke 15:1-10 It’s not unusual to talk about one’s life as a journey.  It’s almost ingrained in us as humans. Think about Odysseus’ epic journey in the Odyssey, where it takes him ten years to make his way back home to Itchaca after fighting in the Trojan War. Like Odysseus we encounter […]

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Kingdom Moments

a sermon on Luke 14:7-14 In 2005 a couple called off their wedding twelve days before the ceremony. It was obviously a difficult situation, potentially embarrassing, and certainly disappointing. Yet the bride’s parents had paid for the reception hall and all the food. Rather than let it go to waste, that family connected with a […]

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a sermon on Luke 12:13-21 I would like to begin this morning with a quick science question. Imagine someone is holding a bullet and holding a gun at the same height. And, if it were possible, envision them dropping the bullet and shooting the gun at the same exact time. Now the question is, which […]

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