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Turning away

Earlier this week I met a woman for the first time and she said to me, I hope you’re not preaching on Matthew! I’m not totally sure why she said this, but I think there are a number of reasons why we’d rather not look too closely at this text. First, let me tell you […]

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turning towards the light

In Sutherland South Africa, about four hours outside of Cape Town you will find the South African Astronomical Observatory. The Observatory has a really big telescope called SALT, which stands for South African Large Telescope. I’ve read that the thing is so powerful that it could detect a candle flame on the moon. Part of […]

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Making room for Jesus

There was a priest in England recently who was accused of ruining Christmas. He gave a talk to some school children about St. Nicholas and when his technological device stopped working he started to ad lib, describing some of the grislier details of a miracle attributed to St. Nicholas. I hope, after this sermon, no […]

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John’s Question

Recently I was telling someone the text I was preaching on this week, explaining that it’s the scene where John the Baptist is in prison and he sends his followers to ask Jesus “Are you the one who is to come or are we to wait for another?” And the person I was talking to […]

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Cultivating Gratitude

One of my earliest lessons in gratitude came from my high school Latin teacher, Dr. Laurie.  She was one of the most hardworking people I knew. Having emigrated from South Africa, she taught Latin at my high school. In her spare time she was an exercise instructor and volunteered as a docent at a local […]

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Found on the way

a sermon on Luke 15:1-10 It’s not unusual to talk about one’s life as a journey.  It’s almost ingrained in us as humans. Think about Odysseus’ epic journey in the Odyssey, where it takes him ten years to make his way back home to Itchaca after fighting in the Trojan War. Like Odysseus we encounter […]

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Kingdom Moments

a sermon on Luke 14:7-14 In 2005 a couple called off their wedding twelve days before the ceremony. It was obviously a difficult situation, potentially embarrassing, and certainly disappointing. Yet the bride’s parents had paid for the reception hall and all the food. Rather than let it go to waste, that family connected with a […]

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